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How To Consciously Take The “Crisis” Out Of Midlife

I am sure you are familiar with the term “midlife crisis”.

The common perception of what a midlife crisis refers to is usually someone acting out or making irrational decisions. Decisions that appear to be in contrast to how they have lived their lives until they hit their 40s and 50s.

Does this perception ring true for your definition of a midlife crisis?

The truth is, while different for everyone, we all move through an energetic shift around our 50th birthday that actually sets us up to have a midlife awakening!

At this phase of our life we are actually being provoked to look at our lives and ask this question:

“Am I living true to myself?”

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6 Things To Do (or Not To Do) on Days You Don’t Feel Well

It happens.

Some days are just not as pleasant as others.

Maybe you don’t feel well physically. Possibly your emotions are stirred up and you feel emotional discomfort, without even knowing why!

Other times you might just feel burned out mentally and need a break from all the things you think you need to do!

Whatever it is, we all have days that can be harder than others.

Here are 6 tips to help you get through those “could be better” kind of days.

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Where’s Your Bliss? 7 Simple Ways to Start Feeling Blissful Today

What is bliss? Webster’s Dictionary defines “bliss” as great happiness and perfect joy.

But if you try to find your bliss in your relationships, jobs, vacations, money, belongings, etc., it will be fleeting and short lived.

Real bliss is an inside job.

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3 Ways to Quiet Your Mind & Connect With Your Inner Wholeness

We all have a lot going on these days!

So when was the last time you took time for yourself, in quiet solitude, just to connect with yourself?

Most likely you won’t be flying off to India any time soon to spend 21 days in a retreat center and take a vow of silence, like I once did.

So here are a few tips that any person can do to start connecting to your inner wholeness:

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7 Things I Learned From Not Talking to Anyone for 21 Days

What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without talking to anyone?

A few hours? Maybe a day or two?

Our busy society doesn’t make a lot of space for us to be silent and go within.

So in 2008 I traveled to Southern India to spend 21 days at a meditation retreat center.

When I got there, one of the opportunities they presented to all 200 of us at the retreat was to take a vow of silence for the entire 21 days. This meant that you would not have any verbal interaction or online interaction with another human being for three whole weeks!

It was common for most attendees to keep their vow of silence for 2–5 days, then break it by talking to people, and then recommit to silence.

True to my nature, however, I seem to take these kinds of challenges to heart and I decided I was going to keep my vow of silence the entire 21 days without breaking it.

Here are a 7 things I learned about myself and humanity by not talking to anyone for 21 days—as well as which part of it was the hardest for me to keep silent.

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